The Benefits of Using Fuel Efficient Delivery Vans

One would think that choosing a flower delivery business van would indeed be rather easy. You just need a van with some interior shelving, which was easy to vacuum out at the end of the week. Sure, that’s true enough, but there is much more to it than that you see. You deliver van in your florist business will need adequate signage so people will see it, and putting signage on a van can be tricky, ask any vinyl sign installer, they will tell you the challenges with body lines, windows, and disruptions in the contour of the vehicle’s body that make the job a nightmare, and the results can often be less than needed. Your delivery van is a marketing and advertising asset as well as a delivery vehicle, and you need to be thinking here. Remember when you deliver flowers your van will be outside of a home, or business and it matters.

The body shape and design matters more to your business than merely the brand you buy or the actual fuel economy. Because good signage brings in more business by 3-fold, I hope you see that point. Formerly, our company was in the vehicle washing business, and we noted how many vehicle signage configurations were all wrong, and in disarray of a cohesive message. The windows in the back broke up the advertising, which is terrible because when your delivery van is in heavy traffic losing money, you have a captured audience that could be reading that signage. Not to mention that windows in back allow heat in and that costs on the refrigeration costs or air-conditioning to keep your perishable product from wilting.

Perhaps you should not have side windows either in this same argument. Because a large side surface allows for much bigger and robust signage or even an adverting sign wrap, which is obviously better than just vinyl signs, you see? Bigger than life bright flower arrangements on the side of your van makes people look, and will better imprint your brand on their memory, which is good for your business when they go to buy flowers in the future. It’s not only important for the type of van, fuel economy, but you need to pay the utmost attention to the body lines when choosing a flower delivery van. Please consider all this. An increasing awareness of the impact that fossil fuels are having on the environment has forced manufacturers to seek alternative methods of powering all kinds of vehicles, including vans. While the technology to create commercial vans that are entirely powered by ‘green’ fuels is still in its infancy, the hybrid vehicle is currently the market leader in environmentally friendly vehicle design. Hybrid vans run on a combination of fuel and electricity technology, although with the advent of better battery design some manufacturers are now looking at producing commercially viable vans that run purely on battery power. Those vans that incorporate fuel/electricity technology have the edge, though, as battery power does not directly emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses.