Efficiency and Speed Required Of Delivery Vans

Delivery van washing techniques are important for speed, efficiency, and quality. How do you wash delivery vans?

Drag it along the side of the van rather than try to use a soapy sponge. Wad up the towel when you are done soaping, throw it in the soap bucket and leave it for the next car or the next van. Be sure to pay particular attention to the rims, bugs, and rear view windows on delivery vans.

Step Side Vans

There is always debris and stuff in the step of the van. As they get into the van; they inadvertently end up leaving those pieces of paper and stuff on the step inside the van. Anything on the dashboard ends up in the right-hand corner and eventually falls onto the passenger side steps where you step up into the van. When you are washing a step van, you want to be careful when you are rinsing not to use very much water, and you want to spray at an angle. And you want to move along the van but spray a little bit more water on the top than the bottom. You do not want to get too close to signage on step van and peel logos. Drying step vans usually is not necessary unless they are a dark color such as Coit Carpet cleaning franchise vans. Step vans that are a part of a bottling company, or Weber bread where they are dark blue and light blue and white, you want to take the dark color, the dark blue and wipe that area off along with the logo areas.

Federal Express

There is a lot of trash inside Federal Express vehicles, and you need to empty the little trash can inside. I do not know if they have crappy decals or what, but it is really easy to blow off the decals on a Federal Express van. It is always dirty behind the wheels of a Federal Express van. As part of a series of articles on how to survive as a small retailer, this article and the article that will follow are about how a small retailer can set up a home delivery service. Delivery was once the preserve of large department stores and some small local retailers. Does the fact that home delivery is now commonplace to mean that small retailers should not bother with it? The costs of setting up home delivery may not be as overbearing as you may at first think.

Perhaps, if you never made home deliveries in the past, you should consider making them now. If others are offering home delivery then, if it is viable, so should you. The next article in this series looks at the benefits – and the pitfalls – of home delivery. Analyzing the Costs and Benefits: The decision of starting (or continuing) a delivery service must, like all business decisions, be made using a proper cost/benefit analysis. The costs calculation may be fairly straightforward but the benefits less so.