Cleaning Requirements of Delivery Trucks

When performing a periodic wash service, it may be only necessary to soap half way up the sides to the body line, the fronts for bugs and rear for soot. Be careful not to peel logos. You do not want to get too close to signage on step van and peel logos. Federal Express hates it when their washing contractors peel logos. Drying step vans usually is not necessary unless they are a dark color such as Coit Carpet cleaning franchise vans. We have an account with Safety Clean. They have a bunch of vans, and they have a black and a red stripe. The black and the red stripe need to be dried, but the rest of it does not.

Share the delivery service with others: if you are a food grocery store and wish to deliver to some of your customers, then ask the other nearby stores if they would also like to take part in the scheme and send their goods out to customers on your vehicle and share some of the costs. You could piggy-back the video rental delivery van and simply pay them a modest standing charge or pay for each delivery. You may need to use a cool-box or roll cage cover to keep products at the right temperature in a van with an ambient temperature.

Use your vehicle: Once again, attention must be paid to the needs to protect foods and other products from contamination or temperature abuse. At a swipe, you have a delivery service with no capital outlay. You may also be able to persuade your staff (if you have any) to drop products to customers’ houses on their way home where the route fits the direction of their journey.

Consolidate deliveries by area and time: if your catchment area is spread out quite wide and far, or if the costs are simply too much to afford daily deliveries, produce a delivery guide for your customers that breaks your catchment into zones. Thus, homes in zone A would receive their deliveries between 9 am, and 10 am, zone B between 10.30 am to 11:30 am. By having one delivery day, it may pay to hire a van and even a driver to take care of the deliveries for you.

If on the other hand, only 10% of the store’s business is transferred to deliveries, you may also be onto a good thing as your deliveries may expand your customer base, while retaining your store customers. If you are not fully covering the extra cost of home delivery, you should give up the idea – but only after you have given it a decent run and only after you have experimented with different solutions. After the home delivery system has bedded in (and only after), you should consider advertising the new service to use it to attract new customers. After 5 or 6 years a delivery van will start to cost you serious money in maintenance and repairs. I will make a rough and ready prediction here and now: if you purchase or lease a vehicle for the sole purpose of making customer deliveries then it will not pay. A delivery vehicle that gets a runout, say once per day, is not earning you money for the rest of its time.